General Info of Bilaspur

Formerly the seat of the ruler of the State is now submerged in the Gobind Sagar; it was situated on the south east side of the Satluj. Bilaspur Township is situated just above the old town of Bilaspur at a height of 670 m. above sea level. The new Bilaspur Township can be truly described as the first planned hill town of the country. The pleasure of a visit will be enhanced manifold when a motor launch is preferred as the means of travel, gliding through cool and enchanting waters of the lake. The Nalwari or annual cattle fair is held at Bilaspur for four or five days in March / April, the occasion is marked by wrestling and other amusements. Cattle are brought from Nalagarh and neighbouring parts of Punjab. For accommodation, Himachal Tourism's Hotel Lake View and pvt hotels are available at Bilaspur.

Things to do

  • Be at the famous night fair on Baisakhi at Markandeya.
  • Visit Bhakra Dam, the largest dam of India.
  • Visit the pilgrimage at Vyas Caves.
  • Forest Walking and indulge in adventurous activities near the Bahadurpur Fort.
  • Watch the Fair and participate in the religious festivities at Shri Naina Devi ji.

Adventure Activities

Govind Sagar reservoir in Bilaspur is the place to be for all the water sports lovers. Between the months of January and August, water sports activities like swimming, surfing, water-skiing, kayaking, rowing, canoeing, white water river rafting are organized here.

Where to Eat:

Sikhar Restaurant (National Highway 21), banarasi juice centre (bus stand road), pine valley restaurant (National Highway 21) and hill view restaurant (National Highway 21) are some of the best places to enjoy food in Bilaspur.

Weather and Climate

Winters (October to March): 19°C to 32°C
Summers (April to September): 22°C-38°C
Best time to Visit: July to September

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