Tourist Places and Attractions in Shimla

Tourist Places and Attractions in Shimla

The Mall Road, Shimla
The Mall Road is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shimla that enfolds many hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, banks, shops, offices, post offices, and tourist offices. People can walk up and down the Mall road slowly and enjoy the scenic views of the nature while sipping their favorite coffee. A lot of people gather at the Ridge and Scandal point on Mall road to meet and talk with friends, see the views of the Himalayan range and to do some shopping. The Mall road is connected to the Ridge at the Scandal point, where a statue of the nationalist leader Lala Lajpat Rai has been erected.

The Ridge, Shimla
The Ridge is a large open space in the heart of Mall road that provides an excellent view of the mountain ranges engulfed in the beauty of nature. It is one of the most famous attractions in Shimla that is worth seeing with family and friends. The Ridge connects the Mall road at the Scandal point on the west side and offers a panoramic view of the snowy mountains of Shimla.

Jakhoo Temple, Shimla
The Jakhoo Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is believed that this temple holds the footprints of Lord Hanuman. It is located on the Jakhoo Hill, which is 2.5 km from the Ridge and offers beautiful views of the Shivalik Mountains and the nearby town of Sanjauli. It is the highest peak in Shimla and gives shelter to countless playful monkeys which can be found waiting to be fed by visitors.

Kamna Devi Temple, Shimla
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains atop the Prospect Hill, the Kamna Devi Temple is a beautiful religious spot, located approximately 6 km away from the Shimla hill station. The temple is easily accessible from Boileauganj on Shimla-Bilaspur road and can be visited for trekking or picnics as it is surrounded by picturesque valleys and meadows. It is believed that anyone coming to Shimla must pay a visit to this majestic temple as people say that Goddess Kali fulfils the desires of all her devotees who travel up the hill and offer prayers in the temple. This temple is built by Rana of Junga and it is a complete heaven for nature-lover or adventure-seeker, in search of a memorable experience.

Christ Church, Shimla
Christ Church is one the oldest churches in North India and was built by the British in 1857 to serve the large Anglican British community in the area. The majestic appearance of the church and its stunning location makes it a prime attraction in Shimla. The church has stained glass windows, which represents faith, hope, charity, fortitude, patience, and humanity. It is one of the long lasting legacies of British rule in India and also Shimla's most popular landmark. The church building is constructed in the Neo-Gothic style of architecture and anyone visiting Shimla should spend some time in this glorious structure.

The Glen, Shimla
Glen is a u shaped valley, located near to Andale and Summer Hill forest amid dense forest of deodar and pine trees. This famous spot has a hiking trail that extends towards Summer Hill and Chora maidan, where tourists get to explore the dense surroundings of Shimla while enjoying the calmness and the greenery around. There is a small stream of water at the Glen, which turns wide at some place and narrow at some. The stream looks very beautiful when it falls from a height and this is the reason why many tourists visit this place as a weekend gateway to enjoy picnics among the woods. Glen can be easily reached by car, but some people prefer to walk here on feet as it is located only 4 kms away from the main mall road.

Annandale, Shimla
A flat terrain in Shimla, Annandale has been developed as the playground of the city. It is located approximately 3 kilometers away from the Ridge and is used to play cricket and to organize picnics, Golf, and Polo. It is quite a scenic spot as it gives a picturesque view of the Shimla city and its surroundings are occupied by deodar trees, oak trees, etc. Annandale is famous because earlier the British used this as a play ground for racing, polo, cricket and other entertaining activities.

Chindi, Shimla
Chindi is one of the most beautiful places to see in Shimla. This hilltop is covered with thick forests, apple orchards, and small picturesque hamlets, giving the remarkable views of the scenic Himachal Pradesh. The place is off the beaten track yet many tourists who have an urge to explore a hidden destination visit this stunning place and enjoy the glimpse of the wide Karsog Valley which lies below Chindi. This place is surrounded by Apple orchards, which looks even more beautiful during winters. Some of the important temples that you can visit during your visit to Chindi are Mamleshwara Mahadev, Kamakshya Mata, Mahunag, Ardhnarishwara, Aledi Mahadev, Palinag at Nalagali, and Churag temple.

Tattapani, Shimla
This beautiful place is located approximately 51 kilometers away from Shimla and is known for its hot water springs. A lot of tourists visit this spot to see the picturesque water spring and a Hindu temple, built near a Shiv Goofa (Shiva Caves) at Saraur, which is at a distance of four kilometers from Tattapani. Fishing is an exciting activity that takes place on the banks of the river Sutlej, where people from all over the country visit to take a dip in the holy spring and get relief from problems like joint pains, fatigue or any type of skin disease.

Craignano, Shimla
This picturesque destination, which was originally the summer resort of the Italian countess of Craignano, is located a few kilometers away from Naldehra. Surrounded by beautiful oak and pine trees, the place gives a breathtaking view of the gardens filled with an abundance of flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths, asphodels and celandine. It is located approximately 18 km from Shimla at an altitude of 2,149 meters above sea level. The place is famous for a beautiful Italian Villa, which was constructed by Chevalier Peliti, a baker to the viceroy. This villa is constructed with woods amidst dense forest of oak and pine trees. Craignano is also a famous picnic spot, where activities like rappelling, rock climbing, and fishing are common.

Summer Hill, Shimla
Summer Hill is a picturesque spot on Shimla-Kalka railway line that offers amazing views of the snow covered mountains. Located only a few kilometers away from Shimla, this lovely township offers quiet surroundings and scenic views of the nearby hills. Summer Hill is the same place where Mahatma Gandhi had visited and stayed at the elegant Georgian House of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur. The place seems to be fully covered with snow during winter and extremely pleasant during summers. The Himachal University too is located in the stunning backdrop of Summer Hill.

Fagu, Shimla
Fagu is one of the secluded snowy retreats in the state and is better known for its swaying green fields with the snow covered Himalayas at its backdrop. It forms an excellent base for trekkers, botanists, and naturist who come to explore the beautiful countryside of Shimla, which is easily accessible from Fagu. This place is best for honeymooners as they get so much to see and explore in Fagu, especially during the winters as the surroundings looks even more beautiful during this time. The small cliffs and green valley make Fagu a perfect destination for photography.

Tara Devi Temple, Shimla
The Tara Devi Temple is a holy place, located 11 km away from the Shimla Bus Stand. It is positioned amid a thick forest of oak and rhododendron and offers scenic views of the lofty Himalayas surrounding the town. The temple is very famous among tourists as the clean and fresh atmosphere here helps them relax from the day to day worries of life. It is believed that the goddess Tara Devi came all the way from Bengal to Himachal Pradesh and so this temple is dedicated to the goddess of stars. Tara Devi Temple is an ideal place for a person seeking peace and tranquility.

Sankat Mochan Temple, Shimla
Sankat Mochan temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shimla, which is located amid the lush green and tranquil locals of Himachal Pradesh. Tourists visit this temple to pay obeisance to the deities of Lord Rama and other notable gods of the Hindu pantheon. This spiritual destination is located approximately 5 kilometers away from Shimla and it is the second most popular tourist spot after Jakhu Temple. The temple, which was established in the year 1950, was the result of an initiative taken by the noted religious figure-Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj, who was amazed by the beauty of the place. He stayed in the deep dark woods for ten days and decided to establish a Hindu temple on the location. This majestic temple houses the deities of Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, and Hanuman.

Chadwick Falls, Shimla
The beautiful Chadwick falls lies only a few kilometers away from Summer Hill in Shimla. This stunning waterfall flows from a height of 1586 meters and is encircled by thick green woods and steep hills of pine and deodar from all sides and looks amazing especially during the rain. One of the favorite spots for sightseeing in Shimla, it looks more exotic and ravishing when the water flows speedily through the woods. A lot of tourists visit this place during the month of September, when the water flow in the fall increases after the monsoon gets over. The soothing atmosphere and the sight of this bubbling waterfall make one wonder at nature's wondrous bounty.

Prospect Hill, Shimla
Prospect hill is a worth visiting place in Shimla, as it is popular for having a very famous temple dedicated to Goddess Kamna Devi. Tourists from all over the country visit this place for religious purposes and for its unspoken beauty that lies in its green valley, stunning meadows, and exotic water bodies. At Prospect Hill, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire region that is so beautiful and so very rare. One can visit this place for a happy walk and travel through the uneven path of the hill witnessing the cool breeze and highly pleasant environment. Shimla Prospect Hill is an ideal place for trekking and for picnic parties.

Viceregal Lodge & Botanical Gardens, Shimla
This magnificent building was built in 1888 as the residence of the British Viceroy Lord Dufferin. It is located at the observatory Hills and is surrounded by well-maintained gardens and lawns, ringed by beautiful pine trees & rose plants. The Viceregal Lodge, also known as "Rashtrapati Niwas" is now converted into Indian Institute of Advanced Study and students come here for higher studies. The building has an English Renaissance style of architecture, where the color of limestone is grey. Since it is located at a good height, the views from this place are enthralling and cannot be described in words.

Shimla State Museum
The Shimla State Museum has a good collection of ancient historical sculptures, paintings, coins, handicrafts, photos, and other items from all over the state as well as from outside. It is located 2.5 km west of the scandal point (a place on Mall road) and is open every day except on Mondays and public holidays. The state museum is built in colonial style with sprawling gardens all around and is one of the best places to visit in Shimla. It was opened in 1974 with just four galleries; later more galleries have been added here and currently there are more than 9000 objects in the collection. Some of the popular galleries present here are Indian archeology, Himachal archaeology, Pre historic objects, Wood Carvings, Monuments, Photographs, Bronzes, Arms Gallery, Gandhi Gallery, Philatelic, Anthropological, Pahari Miniature Paintings, Rajasthan Paintings, Contemporary Art, and Wall Paintings Gallery.

Kalibari Temple, Shimla
The famous Kalibari Temple of Shimla is a popular tourist destination, and is dedicated to Goddess Kali, who is also known as Shyamala. This majestic temple was built in the year 1845 and it is from the name of the Goddess Shyamala that Shimla derives its name. This religious spot is very famous in Shimla and people coming here make it a point to visit the temple, which is located in Jakhu Hill. It is set amidst the lush green forests of Shimla and offers a magnificent view of the Himalayas, and this is the reason why tourists love to explore this stunning hilltop.

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